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Emma is a property finder in Hertfordshire, Essex & South Cambridgeshire.

She loves to talk about property & the housing market so message her now to ask her anything at all!

hertfordshire home buying agent and property finder

"I am passionate about the life that this area has to offer, and am confident that I can help my clients to find their dream home. I am committed to offering my clients a friendly and professional experience, giving them access to the best houses,  while also saving them time, money and stress."

House at Braughing Church 1080.JPG

"Emma really does know her stuff and we were constantly amazed with the information she obtained and how much detail she would look into. I don't think I have ever met anyone more passionate and tenacious about what she does. She is worth every penny and takes the hassle and hard work out of house hunting"

S & L, purchase of £3m+ home in East Hertfordshire, September 2022

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