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Finding homes, not selling houses

Hertfordshire, Essex and South Cambridgeshire Property Finder

Emma has a passion for property, a keen eye for potential, and a knack for unearthing that elusive dream home. She is known for leaving no stone unturned - not waiting for the phone to ring but constantly working hard for her clients. She is the "go to" buying agent in her area, having secured homes to the value of more than £25m in the past 2 years.

Hertfordshire has been Emma's home for over 40 years. She knows the towns, the villages, the schools, the school application processes, the commutes, the clubs, the pubs and the community vibes.  She shows insight and vision when it comes to helping her clients to find and choose a home.

Emma has a law degree from University College London, is a qualified chartered accountant from a Big 5 accountancy firm and worked in city investment banking for 10 years.  She is known for her attention to detail and her proven ability to negotiate strongly on her clients' behalf. She provides guidance and momentum in the time consuming and sometimes complicated process of property acquisition.  

About Emma
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