Hertfordshire home buying agent and property finder

Access to off-market properties

At least 50% of prime properties are sold "off-market" and this percentage is increasing all the time and is indeed higher for higher value homes. More and more sellers are delaying openly advertising their properties as they are learning that the internet commoditises their house. Estate agents will not show every house on their books to every buyer - if they can sell a house in 5 calls why would they make 20 calls? Estate agents trust Emma to make their life easier, to do her homework and be available to them - you may not have the time or inclination to be an agent's best friend but she can be that for you!

Local knowledge and vision

Having lived locally for over 40 years Emma knows the locality, the villages, the communities, the schools, the commute, the shops and definitely the pubs and restaurants! She has vision when it comes to researching and viewing properties - the ability to cut through the marketing, to see what a property really is and to imagine what it could become. She understands the issues around owning a listed building, land boundaries and classifications, public footpaths etc. 

Autonomy and discretion

Selling agents service the needs of sellers, not buyers. As an independent buying agent Emma has complete autonomy from selling agents - she looks out for her client and her client alone. She can offer discretion for buyers who would rather remain anonymous or low-key.


Emma can help to negotiate the best possible deal, potentially saving many multiples of her fee. She understands the local market and the value of a local property. When a buyer falls in love with a property they are not best placed to negotiate on their own behalf! She can research and scrutinise a seller's motivation and pressure points, helping to obtain the best price and terms.
Hertfordshire home buying agent and property finder

Time-saving ​

House hunting is hugely time consuming.  Emma is known to be detailed and tenacious - she will research your search area, liaise with agents and preview properties on your behalf.  She will accompany you to viewings, provide a realistic commentary, vision and ideas. She will manage transactions from offer to acquisition. She can attend properties at completion to make sure everything is in order.