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The busy life of a #propertyfinder

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

I simply cannot believe that it has been 6 months since I wrote my lost blog. What a 6 months it has been!!

I have helped some wonderful clients and exchanged on a number of off market and on market houses. I have dealt with solicitors, selling agents, sellers, flint wall experts, septic tank surveyors, building surveyors, heritage consultants, structural engineers, electricians, plumbers, asbestos specialists, architects, Heritage England, archaeologists, East Herts District Council, Hertsmere District Council, Uttlesford District Council, Hertfordshire County Council.....and I’m sure that there are more!

Most importantly I know that many of my clients are now enjoying their wonderful new homes, and I feel very confident that the homes are right for them and that we’ve bought them on the best possible terms.

I have also had a couple of huge disappointments as a result of insincere sellers. This has been another harsh reminder that the English conveyancing process relies on buyers risking huge sums of money on mortgage approvals, solicitors and surveys, as well as being deeply emotionally invested, yet have no recourse when the seller simply changes their mind about selling. Less importantly, this also leaves me exhausted and disappointed with nothing to show for my efforts. BUT I am a firm believer that what will be will be, and the right house will be found for my clients.

I am looking forwards to a little bit of a breather, with a smaller client list for a couple of months. This might give me time to blog further about some of my experiences, finally do some real marketing for my business, have a bit of a holiday and re-acquaint myself with my patient family and my beautiful dog.

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